Google Cloud Landing Zone Series

Table of Contents:


Exploring Google Cloud Landing Zones for Optimized Cloud Management

This blog series delves into Google Cloud Landing Zones, a crucial framework for establishing a secure, scalable, and efficient cloud environment. Google Cloud Landing Zones provide a structured approach to setting up cloud infrastructure, ensuring best practices in security, compliance, and operational excellence. Throughout this series, we will examine key aspects of designing and managing cloud environments, offering practical guidance for cloud architects, IT professionals, and cloud strategists. These posts will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to optimize your cloud management with Google Cloud Landing Zones.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Identity and Access Management

Part 3: Resource hierarchy

Part 4: Naming Conventions

Part 5: Organizational Policies

Part 6: Connectivity

Part 7: Network Design

Part 8: Network Blueprints


Dr. Guido Söldner


Guido Söldner ist Geschäftsführer und Principal Consultant bei Söldner Consult. Sein Themenfeld umfasst Cloud Infrastruktur, Automatisierung und DevOps, Kubernetes, Machine Learning und Enterprise Programmierung mit Spring.